Friday, 16 September 2011

Experience while creating this blog

On this semester, we had a chance create our own blog. For first trial, we found difficulty to design the blog. But then, we manage to discovered this problem by asking people around us and also do some research. For us, to create a blog is not an easy thing because we need to have a creativity and cooperation between to complete this blog, We do feel happy creating this blog but sometimes feel stress with a lot of works and tests. Our hope for creating this blog will make our lecturer, Madam Rosiah, feel happy and satisfied with this blog. Thank you! :)
happy moment =)

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Do you think you can achieve Dean's List for this semester?

For the first semester, everyone was dream to achieve the Dean's List. Everyone can achieve the Dean's List if follow the following step:

When you attend your first day of class you will be given a syllabus which will provide you with an overview of the topics covered, reading/homework assignments, and grading criteria. Don't just read it but study it!

Choose two classmates that you can rely upon to get valuable lecture notes from if you happen to miss class. This will keep you up to date on information you may otherwise miss out on.

The key to taking good notes is clarity - not abundance. Categorize your notes by topics and sub-topics. Your notes should be detailed enough to tell a complete story when you look back on them for mid-terms or finals.

You are ultimately responsible for how much you learn. Questions afford your lecturer the opportunity to meet you half-way in the learning process. Use them as your tools of comprehension.

Have a good try and lastly success will be yours. 

Sunday, 11 September 2011

A Positive Thing that I'm done during the Mid-Semester Break is......(part 2)

           It is still not too late to wish all blogger and followers Happy Eid Mubarak. As usual our activity during this Hari Raya Aidilfitri is going to the open house invite by friends and relatives. A lot of delicious foods have been served.  Last Saturday, Naquiah Alias also invited us Mardhiah and Fatimah to her open house at Bangi. At the open house we are also meet our friend that quite long time no see because of the different college after study diploma.  It is sometimes show that by doing the open house on the Hari Raya Aidilfitri, the friendship and relationship between others can become closed and improving the relationship.

open house at Naquiah's house

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

A Positive Thing that I'm done during the Mid-Semester Break is...... (part 1)

The end of Ramadhan month is marked by Hari Raya Aidilfitri in Malaysia.It is a time when everyone returns to their family and celebrate the joys of life.The usual back to the hometown is known as Balik Kampung, literally meaning going back to the village, and even those who are not Muslim take the opportunity of the public holidays to rest and relax. Hari Raya Aidilfitri is also celebrated with open houses where people invite their relatives and friends over to their houses to partake in various Malay delicacies. This custom of open houses are so common that many politicians and public figures usually organise open houses during Hari Raya Aidilfitri.The special Hari Raya Puasa food includes delicious beef or chicken rendang, Johor or Penang Laksa and many different delicacies cookies. On this special day, we love to eat 'lemang' with the Chicken or Beef Rendang. It became too delicious if our grandmother cooks it and eat together like happy family. =)

Tart Cookies


Wednesday, 24 August 2011

What We Can Do to Help Ease World Hunger (Part 2)

Somalia Famine

Other than donations via Paypals, you can help them by be creative person. There are hundreds of things ordinary people can do to help the operations of Help Somali People in the Horn of Africa. It's kind of easy to donate by using our creativity. You just need to taking up a collection at school or holding a neighbourhood fundraiser are just a few things are supporters have done to help feed the hungry. If you need some inspiration, try to check it out about what Andrew, an 11-years old from Ghana, has done to help children like him in the Horn of Africa. Click this link to know more what has he done, know more.

Andrew Adansi-Bonnah, an 11-year-old from Ghana, says he wants to raise US $13 million to help children like him in the Horn of Africa.

Are you a blogger? If yes, then you also can help them in more easier way. Go check out the World Food Programme (WFP) collection of banners and then put one on your site. Make sure that the people who come to your blog know what it’s for. If you don’t write a blog yourself, send this link around to the bloggers you like to read and tell them what to do. Feel free to grab your banner here! Remember, if we willing to do anything to help others, one day, anyone can do to anything too help us save lives. Cheers peeps!

Monday, 22 August 2011

What We Can Do to Help Ease World Hunger

Somalia Famine

For most of Muslim friends this Ramadhan, we go through moments of hunger and thirst throughout the day but when dusk comes, we indulge in such wonderful food until our tummies bloat. But half-way around the world we get our brothers and sisters living in agony, having to see their children in pain and hunger

Every 6 minutes in Somalia, a child dies of famine. Can you believe how tragic that is? We live in a world with huge advancements in science and yet famine still exists. Wars still exist. It's almost like we're going backwards.
I feel that the purpose of every human being is to be the best that we can be and to do that, we need a good heart. When you bring relief to another person, you bring relief to yourself. When you make another happy, you bring happiness to yourself. So donate and you could save a mother and her dying child. 
You can donate by Pay with PayPal; it's the easiest and quickest way to donate. All you need is a debit or credit card. Take my word for it; it's completely fuss-free. It takes less than 10 minutes of your day and you get to save a LIFE.

There's literally no such thing as too little money — even if you give RM50 that could feed so many people. It takes $0.50 to feed one person — is that much? I'm pretty sure the drink you're going to purchase at Starbucks or Coffee Bean later on today costs so much more.

We spend our money on things that have actually little to no huge impact in our lives ever so often. I for one am guilty of this, so spending some of your allowance on a person in need is far more rewarding. Remember, one day it could be YOU in this situation. Wouldn't you want someone to help you?

Thursday, 18 August 2011

How I Overcome Challenges During Ramadhan - Part 2

Challenges we are facing during Ramadhan

During Ramadhan, we are pretty sure that every Muslim, no matter how long they've been fasting, will do has a few challenges that they need to face during this fasting month. For us, the hurdles we are facing during this Holy month was vary from the past year. It's only been 16 days but we've already noticed what I seem to find difficult. Below are few challenges that we need to face this year.


#1 Cannot sleep after Sahur

After having sahur, we are feel so awake and alert. Usually, we'll take an hour to let the food settle and we'll be laying on the bed to get ready for dreamland. Since day 2 of fasting at MICET, we've only manage to get tired in the afternoon and catch up on asleep then, especially if we have class from early morning. We always fall asleep in the class since we are woke up at 4am for sahur and can't sleep after that. Either that or we'll stay up until after breakfasting and then we'll sleep. It's really troubling us because we get so weak and tired throughout the day.


 #2 Get Thirsty

As usual, on this fasting month, we bet everyone facing this kind of challenge especially for student like us who have lab in the afternoon until evening. Imagine that we can't drink for 12 hours and yet still need to blow up our energy to go for classes. For us that stayed at level 3 of the hostel, need to climb up all the stairs and yet still need to climb up again when going to class cause most of our classes at level 2 and 3 at academic building. Even though we are having sahur and drink a lot of plain water, yet still feel thirsty. Maybe because the weather nowadays getting so hot due to global warming issue.

#3 We catch sore throat, fever and flu

We hate this kind of sickness! This problem's been re-occurring among us which fatimah was got the flu and sore throat first then followed by naquiah and mardhiah. In fact, as we're creating this entry, Naquiah have a mountain of tissues next to her and fatimah got very horrible sore throat. For us, it's not suprise us at all because eating less means getting less of the nutrients that we need for a healthy immune system.

Our challenges may seem minor to some but it seriously makes it challenging for us to get through the day especially since we've to be weary of everything we do to make our fasting as perfect as possible. Having said that, we are realize that Ramadhan may be one of those things that some of us secretly dread but it's such as good wake-up call. You don't know how much you actually have until you have to refrain yourself from it all. We dread knowing that there's a feast underneath that fridge and being unable to indulge in it but compare that to a leper on a street watching healthy people walking cheerfully into a restaurant. Doesn't your situation seem more desirable?


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